Multi Bedroom Shares

Metronest offers an extensive collection of multi bedroom shares all across Manhattan, including Chelsea, the East Village, Greenwich Village, the West Village, the Lower East Side, the Upper East Side, and the Upper West Side.  Multi bedroom shares are a highly economical option for college students, recent graduates and young professionals. A roommate share enables tenants to share the cost of utilities and common areas, while retaining the privacy of individual bedrooms. Multi bedroom shares begin with convertible 3’s (2 bedrooms plus a living room) and can come as large as five bedrooms. A highly popular multi-bedroom share configuration common to Manhattan rental apartments is the wing 2 bedroom, which maximizes space and privacy.  A wing 2 bedroom contains two bedrooms, a bath, and separate kitchen.  

Our buildings range from renovated pre-war to deluxe new constructed green buildings with duplexes.  In addition,
Metronest  has one of the largest listings of directly owned rental apartment shares in New York City, so there is never a broker’s fee.  Our multi bedroom shares are available in a range of prices depending on location, amenities, and time frame – from short-term leases of just a few months to long-term rentals. Our short-term leases are ideal for students and interns looking for a semester or a summer in NYC. Metronest’s multi bedroom shares can come unfurnished or furnished. Should you want to rent rather than buy your furniture, we can refer you to a furniture rental service. Within a day, your apartment can be outfitted and looking fabulous! 

Unlike a broker or apartment listing service, MetroNest
 owns and operates all of our buildings. For more than 25 years, we have taken pride in treating all our tenants with courtesy and prompt attentive service and creating a welcoming home in New York.